PG Bags VS Bigi Bags

Presenting the TOP 2 Taiwan Yahoo Bag Online shop


Being a spree organizer for about 2 + years, I have ordered from Bigi Bag (aka Sky Blue Bag) and PG Bag for a quite few times be it in spree or I ordered on behalf of other spree-er or even selling it in my blogshop initially. I really find it a catch especially a lot of the shopping cart is selling these bags at a crazy price.

I hope this will act as a guide for spree-er to spree bags in the future.

Bag Shops PG 美人網 (PG Bag) 天藍小舖 (Sky Blue Bag)
Main Shop Taiwan Taiwan
Branch China No longer in China
Shop Front 10 (台南-中山; 科大;成大; 開元, 高雄-岡山; 漢神; 新崛江; 鳳山, 屏東-中正 & 嘉義-站前) 3 (師大,士林 & 萬年)
Rating (Taiwan Yahoo Ratings) – dated 20thSeptember 2009 138322 103941
Ranking (網路人氣賣家100強) 16 9
Material Average Average
Variety Have more bags to choose from Lesser bag but they sell female apparel
Payment Method to seller Concealed Cash (Very dangerous) Paypal (with charges) + Concealed Cash
Discount for bulk purchase 10% discount for purchase of 3 bags, No discount for A items
20% discount for purchase of 10 bags and above No discount for A items
25% discount for purchase of 30 bags and above No discount for A items
10% discount for 3 bags and above.
20% discount for 10 bags and above.
25% discount for 30 bags and above.

*No discount for discounted items

Feedback from spree-er Receive bad reviews (twice) from spree-er Receive bad reviews (once) from spree-er
Feedback from me I find the logo very bulky. If the logo is outside, it looks a bit cheap. They have some workmanship problem, might be because they did not check the bags before delivering out The waiting time for this seller is really too long (with no estimation of time). In addition, they really got bad customer service.
Results WIN LOSE

It was a really tough battle for this 2 shops as they are 2 of the best in Taiwan… However, I see an improvement in PG Shop. They start to take customer feedback very seriously and have improved on their products and services.

Bigi Bag in the other hand fails badly especially I just have a spree with them not long ago. I am not an demanding person but when I request a ROUGH date that the bags can be deliveried, they ask me to wait 3-4 weeks. I msn them again on the 4th week. They say if I cannot wait, ask for a refund or change colour if the item. Since I am ordering on behalf of spree-er, I can’t just change colour. The quality of the items are still the same as before but the service received from them is very disappointing.

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